HI, I'm myra

I am the proud wife to my husband Paul - my best half since we were thirteen years old. Together with our brand new baby boy, Jethro Brave, we live in Los Angeles, California. Paul + I were both born + raised here and share our home with my family and pups. We are both in the healthcare field - I, a registered nurse and Paul, a registered respiratory therapist. Together we are so thankful to be in careers that enable us to care for and touch lives daily. On our days off, you can find us dreaming big, planning/ taking on another room/ house project, going on a local hike or adventuring with our wolf pack. 

In 2016, we took on new roles and became parents. Paul and I found out we were pregnant for the first time. We excitedly prepared for this child, shared our dreams and plans for our baby amongst each other + our closest loved ones. We nicknamed our little one, “the Gavini Babe,” as we planned and waited until the birth our baby to find out his/her gender. On July 22nd, 2016 – our daughter was born; we named her Haven FaithHaven: a place of safety or refuge & Faith: complete confidence or trust in God. She was delivered prematurely due to an unforeseen condition in my pregnancy and passed away a few hours after birth due to the combination of my condition and her unspecified heart defect. With Haven's diagnosis, early gestational age and small birth weight, there were no medical interventions that could have been performed to save her. 

This blog came to life during the ripe weeks of my grief. I began to embrace the platform that Haven's short and beautiful life left me with to share her story, as well as learning to become vulnerable with my own. Through my journey with loss and a condition that will be present with every pregnancy, my recent passion has to become transparent and finding connection with others who are walking down a similar road. More recently, I decided that I not only wanted to continue to break the silence about the shaping events placed in my story but to also create a space where I could share other things I love - my Home, Family Life, MotherhoodTravel and of course, the reason for this blog - Haven

It is my honest hope that you follow along our journey and leave encouraged & inspired. Thank you for stopping by.

My best, Myra 

(Engagement + Wedding Photography by Diana McGregor  |  Watercolor Family Portrait by Dianuh Aerin of Chasing Linen)


 What inspired your blog name?

A year after having AnAngelMamaandHerBlog, I decided it was time to hopefully use this space to share not only my baby Haven but other things in my life that I love - family, my home, cleaning/ decorating, and travel. Simply using my name - Myra Gavini -, I felt was the best option. Also, Paul really, really liked it (thank goodness for husbands).

What made you want to start a blog?

Haven. She has become my inspiration for just about everything. While she was in my womb, I instantly wanted to be better, to live a life that honors her and makes her proud. Channeling my thoughts, feelings, and sharing her life story amidst the ache + pain has given me such an odd sense of comfort and peace. Keeping this blog and now opening it up a bit more is challenging me to own not just her story, but mine and the rest that is still is yet to unfold.

 Tell us a little about yourself:

  • I love to host and plan events, dinners, get togethers! I dream of having lots of these in the future of my home surrounded with our closest friends and families and babies!
  • I am somewhere in between being a cleaning homebody and talking about where our next trip or vacation will be. Give me a space to organize, color code and/or a country/ state + I'll gladly handle the details.
  • I can clean/decorate/rearrange ALL day - it can drive Paul and my family crazy!
  • I don't know how to drive stick shift, have never broken a bone, or know how to whistle. 
  • I grew up a bookworm - Little House on the Prairie, the entire Nancy Drew collection, the Anne Frank books, are just to name a few that my childhood wouldn't be the same without.
  • Last year, I started floral arranging while I was on leave from work and found that it does wonders to my healing. FLWRS FRM HAVEN has become a reality and a labor of love - if you want to follow along, IG @flwrsfrmhaven.
  • I am an aspiring minimalist. "Less is more" + simple living has become a strong theme in the way I lead my life ever since Haven's passing. It is an anthem I hope to carry on in my character, marriage, home, and in the way I will raise my children one day. 

What are your current favorites?

Seeking sources of inspiration for my love of minimal/ simple design/ interiors, listening to podcasts (I am subscribed to 3 at the moment - hey, girl by Alex Elle, The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher, and The Minimalists), going through my summer reading list (this summer 2017, I went through "In The Wait" devotional, Expecting Sunshine, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and am currently reading Brene Brown's Rising Strong), learning about skincare and becoming more diligent in taking care of mine, and am currently applying the KonMari method at home and trying to rid all the things that don't "spark joy".