Ever since her passing we see Haven everywhere. She's never failed to remind or let us know that she'll always be with us. I see her everyday in the light yellow and white butterflies that roam in her grandma's garden every morning. I feel her in the warmth of the gorgeous light that radiates through the windows of her room. I know it's her whenever I come across feathers on the ground. She's the strong wind that blows whenever I visit her small grave site. She's the gentle heart tugs helping me select which flowers to get for her each week. On our drive here to Arizona, Paul and I saw a 'Haven Ave' exit - we smiled at each other as we knew she was coming on this trip too. On our drive from the New Mexico border, I saw her dancing in the sunset in gorgeous hues of pastels - light pink being the most distinct. Today, she was in the stillness and calm of the water at Horseshoe Bend as well as the sun playing peek a boo from the mountain tops. She too, was in the majestic light beams shooting through the canyons at Lower Antelope. And while taking this photo over the Colorado River, just as I was beginning to get sad, she was the intense reassurance in the wind that moved me, reminding me that she has been/ is doing just fine.


I've always believed that your loved ones never leave you once they're gone -- always sending signs + symbols along the way that contain so much significance. However, I've never encountered this type of special experience or connection until my Haven. Her presence and little love notes from Heaven remind me that I am a mother, even though I don't get to have her with me. Sometimes they make me really, really sad and other times, immensely happy. Nonetheless, I am thankful and grateful for them all as they affirm who I am today because of Her.


Missing you fiercely today, my darling girl. 👼🏻💕