Carly asks in today's theme to share any healing therapies that we've discovered in our lives after loss and to share them.  

Some healing therapies that have aided me in the almost three months after Haven's loss have been:

- Reading // Since I was hospitalized and on bedrest, I began to catch up on all the reading I've put aside for months due to the excuse of being "too busy." A handful of excellent books have helped in my healing + grieving journey (which I plan to make a blog post in more detail sometime in the future). These books range from healing, grieving, loss, what to do now post loss, hope-filled anthems for women, and others' testimonies on the faithfulness and grace of God through personal storms of failure, adversity, and heartache.

- Embracing a "Less is More" life // And it really is. Throughout my pregnancy and until now, I've been a journey of minimalizing my life as a whole -- from the inside out. What started as six trash bags full of clothes and other things to Goodwill, has now become a simple, bright, fresh bedroom filled with whites, natural light, and plants. The theme of minimalism has also made its' way to my phone -- deleting unused apps, unsubscribing to junk emails, deleting old photos in my photo stream, voicemails, etc. - you name it all. I love it. It's been so freeing and liberating. I feel and see how easily it is to see what is most important in my life, my surroundings, and in my belongings. Less is truly more, friends. 


- Floral Arranging //  I have always had a love for flowers. It's so hard for me to leave the store empty handed without a bouquet of fresh florals in my hand. I love how they look, how they smell, and most importantly how they make me feel. I have voluntarily in love arranged boutinnieres, bouquets, center pieces and now garlands for family + friends' events as well as some of my own. Now being an angel mama, I spend my Thursdays at the flower district and am weekly bringing fresh new florals for my daughter at her grave site. Arranging and styling has been such a good and positive therapy for me. I am so happy -- my soul, heart, and spirit effortlessly at such peace. I also lose all track of time -- another indicator as to how much fun I have when playing with flowers. 

- Cleaning // I've also been a neat freak and an avid organizer of all things. My husband and family at home are always telling me to sit down and give the broom a break. I have a mental daily cleaning check-list and try to get it done without having any or too many people watching so that they don't tell me to sit and relax, haha. I think the big reason as to why I've always enjoyed cleaning is because of how truly happy and accomplished it makes me feel on the inside. I know this might sound crazy to some, but I know there are some who just understand this and feel the same. There's nothing like a clean & tidy room/ home. 

- Prayer // This healing therapy has been my main and biggest one for what seems like forever. And it's honestly been the best for me. My weary, easily anxious heart and whole world instantly flips upside down a few seconds into prayer and I know that the Holy Spirit is immediately present and that my God is at work. I am still in search for a new bible to help better direct and guide my heart and prayer life. *(If you have any suggestions, please be sure to send me an email :) - I'd appreciate it a lot) 

These are a few of the healing therapies that have helped me significantly in the last few months -- to keep my spirits high, attitude healthy, and to get me going throughout my day. An important aspect to these therapies, is that with and through every single one -- I feel and see Haven. I know she is with me and that she is present. 


What are are some of your healing therapies? What has helped you personally or a loved one that you know that has experienced loss? I'd love to hear them. 💕