I am still so fresh and new to the grieving journey as a bereaved, angel mama and wouldn't know quite what to say to other fresh grieving parents or other mamas. I am honestly afraid of saying the wrong things or not saying enough as I know what it is like being on the receiving end of things. A few "pearls of wisdom" I've received, read, and heard from others are:  

// Take one day at a time.  

// It's okay to grieve, but stay lifted.  

// Cry whenever you need to.  

// It takes time to heal. Work can wait.  

// There is sunshine after the rain. 

// There is beauty amidst the pain.  

 // Allow yourself to heal. 

// Forgive yourself daily.  

// Don't ever forget that you're not alone.  

// We're in this together.  

// Don't keep things to yourself.  

// Things will be okay.  

// God has a purpose for what happened.  

// God has a bigger plan for you.  

// It's okay to cry. 

// Be gentle, be kind, and be patient on yourself.  

// Do other things you've never ever had the time to do.  

// Time heals all things.  


-- What are some pearls of wisdom you'd like to share to a newly bereaved mama like myself? Which ones have helped you? Which ones did you get tired of hearing or seeing? I'd love to hear them. 💕