Daddy's First Dream

* Dreamt of and written by Paul


Myra and I hold each other dearly as we prepare for the arrival of our baby. The doctor approaches us and says, "It's time". After Myra delivers our beautiful baby, the doctor then hands our child over to Myra. Myra and I are smiling and crying as we hold our perfect baby but as seconds, minutes, and hours pass by we notice our baby is thriving and not struggling. We quickly prompted the doctor to check on our baby. This was surprising to us both because we were told that our baby may not survive long after birth. After the doctors and healthcare team checked on our baby, they too became surprised of how well the baby was doing. The doctor then had ordered for us to transfer to another facility for further evaluation because they could not explain nor understand what was going on with our baby. 

After we packed and loaded up into the hospital's transportation vehicle, we began our trip to the next facility. We made a stop at one of our family member's neighborhood and the baby and I went to go say hello. My Uncle Boi (also one of Haven's grandpas from my side of the family) held and played with the baby. We did not stay too long because we knew we had to get to the next facility. So we said goodbye for now and went back into the vehicle. However, as I was here thinking that my baby was doing well, I notice that they suddenly turn blue and becomes unresponsive. We rush to the next facility and begin resuscitation efforts with the rest of the medical team. The effort was good because the baby came back to life. However, something odd had occurred. It was strange to see and understand but my baby just turned from an infant to a toddler. I sat there thinking, "But how?" and "Why so quickly?" I didn't dwell too much on the growth spurt because all I really paid notice to was that shortly after that my baby was doing well after that scare. I also couldn't help but notice something breathtakingly beautiful. The baby was smiling at me and that smile on their face was a vivid replica to that of Myra's smile. It was an incredible sight to see. Then, I saw my grandma Prim there at the bedside and was talking to my baby. As I hold my baby up and start to clean them up a bit, they start projectile vomiting on themselves, onto the walls, and eventually on me. 

That's when I woke up. I realized I just dreamt of my baby, my child. But was it Haven? Was it one of Myra and I's future children? During this dream the gender of the baby was never specified or made clear. But I believed it had to be Haven. I believed it was my sweet baby girl telling and communicating to me that she has grown up just a bit and that no matter what she is always with me. Before the dream ended, I remember and noticed Myra's smile on the baby again. I knew it had to be our Haven. For the rest of the night, I cried and could not go back to sleep. A rush of emotions flooded and overwhelmed me. Overjoyed knowing that she is okay, safe, healed, healthy and so happy. I also believe and am at peace knowing that when we meet again she will be of toddler age. I wanted to fall back asleep so bad because I terribly wanted to see her again. But could not .. However, having had the chance to see, hold, and know what my baby looks like today is more than enough for me, for now and will be something I will onto forever until I see her again soon.



I love and miss you for always,

Your Daddy