We're looking forward to many firsts as a family - 2018 being our first new year! Jet experienced his firsts of New Year traditions in our household. He was up for majority of New Year's Eve so by the time midnight rolled around he was fast asleep. If you are Filipino, I'm sure you know all about the funny ones your parents shared with you growing up. At the stroke of midnight, immediately after kisses and the throwing of coins in the air, my parents told Paul and I to stretch/ massage Jet's legs in hopes that he will be tall one day. As children and for as long as my dad's back could, he lifted my siblings and I up by the head in hopes to be tall also. If you know me in real life, unfortunately all of his hard work didn't end up coming true, haha. 

We spent the first day 2018 with family; we hope to continue to be more present and have quality time with both of our families throughout the rest of the year. I also thought with a new year, new babe, and the days counting down until I return back to work - that it was the perfect time to unplug from Instagram to reset my heart, mind, body, and spirit. My word for 2017 was unintentionally, Vulnerability - and while it scared the heck out of me, being so changed me for the better. I believe the word(s) for my 2018 will be Purpose + Redemption. In order to focus and re-ground myself, I took two weeks off to gather my 2018 intentions + dreams individually and as a family and this is what we came up with: 

  • be the best wife and mom that I can possibly be
  • continue to be present, to have more moments
  • keeping up my journey towards 'less is more' (both internally and externally) 
  • be intentional with family + friends
  • work towards wellness as a family and learn how to incorporate essential oils into our daily life 


  • God willing, find another nursing job position
  • find a home church
  • work hard towards our debt free journey 
  • pursue my floral dreams
  • practice more self care, love and affirmation | get my body back into shape
  • travel whenever possible 
  • read more books 

While I like to always hone down on goals and dreams for every new year, I know firsthand that you just have to prepare to learn + embrace the unknown with an open mind and an open heart. The last two years were my evidence of this exactly - 2016 broke me, positioning and toughening me up for 2017. As I acknowledge the intentions my heart wants to strive towards in 2018, I know and trust that the things for me will not pass me and will ultimately unfold for my good because God is already there. 

"New year, more us. More love, grace, peace and rest."

Happy New Year, friends. Here's to more of YOU.


All my love, 


* We got Jethro's newborn photos taken about a month after he was born by our lovely friend and photographer, Elsie. She always captures our family and small space so well. You can view more of her work here